First, an unauthorized reminder appears

At present, our regular shipment software is divided into three versions, AutoKit/AutoPlay/AutoCast, confirm the current product version, use the corresponding software version.

Second, product use conditions

Android 5.0 or higher

WINCE 6.0 (non-independent video decoding, USB must be connected to the main chip)

Third, how to confirm whether the car is supported?

Download AutoKit software, enter settings, environment detection, if the display is available, you can use

Fourth, Apple carplay is normal, Android image is also normal, why not use Android auto?

Mobile phones need to support the android auto function, you need to have a Google framework. Run android auto on your phone first. (Google does not support open areas, mobile phones need to support android auto. It can be searched on the official website, mainland China is not supported)

Five, wired Carplay dropped (disconnected between mobile phone and box)

1. Ensure that the data cable used is original or MFI certified data line (emphasis)

2, enter the settings - advanced settings - charging mode - set to weak (turn off the phone charging)

SIX. The box and the car are often disconnected.

1. Check if the car machine has a USB protocol version, and if so, choose 2.0.

2, check the car extension cable, there is no transfer in the middle, USB cable can not use HUB and wire length can not exceed 80CM

Seven, wireless CarPlay can not connect

1, synchronous verification whether the cable can be connected

2. Check if the mobile phone has open access restriction, the mobile phone WIFI status is confirmed to be on, and if there is a missed click “Enable Wireless Carplay” when connecting to Bluetooth. Click the "exclamation point" of the Bluetooth name on the phone to select the Carplay icon.

3, re-pair the phone

To delete the pairing method: 1. Click “WIFI icon” in the upper left corner of the product main interface and press and hold the phone name to delete. 2. Ignore the current Bluetooth name on the phone.

Wireless connection method: 1. Name of the mobile phone Bluetooth search device. The name of the device is displayed under the Bluetooth icon in the upper left corner of the software. 2. The pairing code is 0000 3. The mobile terminal pops up, select “Enable wireless CarPlay” 4. If there is a pop-up lock screen, use Carplay. Point permission

4, restart the phone

Eight, stuck after the connection

1. Set the product running mode and the rendering settings of the software advanced settings. Please set the comparison to take effect separately.

2, IOS13 system, please update the mobile phone system and APP to the latest version.

Nine, the navigation broadcast has a noise

1, IOS13 currently has this problem (2019/10/22 note)

2, replace the use of navigation software

Ten, wireless connection music and operation delay

The transmission method of the wireless connection is determined. At present, all wireless Carplays include BMW, Porsche and other original factories, and the media music sound will have a delay of 2-3 seconds. The broadcast broadcast and the call are played in real time without affecting the user's use.
Eleven, the microphone has no sound
Turn off the car voice assistant
Some original car machines cannot call the car microphone (you can use the built-in microphone version)
Below Android 5.0, our software can be imported into a system application solution through the ROOT car.
Twelve, product insertion does not respond
Confirm that the currently connected USB port is connected to the car master. (Check if the U disk is readable)
Check for excess USB ports.
Check if there is a hub or transfer between the USB port and the car.
ROOT car machine, the software is imported into the system application.
Thirteen, mobile phone image is not available
Subject to the car software warning
Depending on the performance of the car, some cars may not be able to use this feature.
Fourteen, the party control can not learn.
This function requires the car itself to support the party control learning.
For some original car screen changers, this function may not be available for cars that use protocol forwarding.
Advanced Settings - Volume is used to switch songs and turn on "Floating Ball" for similar functions.
Fifteen, Carlife use problem
Due to Carlife's own problems, mobile phone compatibility is poor, the official stop updating the project, and related issues can not be handled.
Sixteen, extreme speed mode, smooth mode, compatibility mode

The speed mode adopts 60FPS hard solution, the smooth mode adopts 30FPS hard solution, and the compatibility mode adopts 24FPS soft solution.
Seventeen, the phone is connected after the black screen

1. Turn off the car "hand brake setting" or turn on "driving to watch video"

2, set the "run mode" or "render mode"

Eighteen, log upload function

1. When you have an exception during use, please use this function to upload logs for analysis.

2, use: enter the settings will save the log switch to open, connect the phone to simulate the problem, disconnect the phone, connect the car into the settings click upload log. After the upload is successful, send the upload time to the salesperson.

Nineteen, how to upgrade the product

1. Connect the car to the network, enter the software settings, click to check for updates.

2. Upgrade the APK and upgrade the box.

3. When upgrading the box, do not power off, you can not remove the box.

4. You can read the upgrade log before upgrading and choose whether to upgrade.

Twenty, mobile phone charging is slow

The power supply of the product and the power supply of the back-end connected mobile phone are all from the USB interface of the car, which is affected by the power supply capability of the original car.
Product power consumption, wired version: 5V/0.08A Wireless version: 5V/0.12A

Twenty-one, software download link




Note: The above link is a fixed link, used for the first time installation, the download version is regularly updated in the background.

Twenty-two, set the APP as a system application

1. Refer to another document (LinkSD)

Twenty-three, the call has no sound, can not hear the other party's voice

The retail version cannot obtain the Bluetooth status of the original car. Please disconnect the Bluetooth pairing of the car when the phone is in use.
Twenty-four, Android Auto connection call interface shows "Bluetooth is not connected"

The retail version cannot get the original car Bluetooth status, and the location display does not affect the phone usage.
Note: The call function of Android Auto mobile phone needs to be used with the Bluetooth phone of the car.

Twenty-five, Android phone connection, has been circulating in the connection.

Run Android Auto on your phone to update related Google Servers.
Twenty-six, Android image can not be connected

Turn on the phone USB debugging function, open unknown source on the phone
Twenty-seven, Android image no sound

1, Android image transmission can not be transmitted synchronously, please use the phone to connect to the original car Bluetooth music.

Twenty-eight, the display resolution is wrong

Current debugging resolution 800x480/ 1024x600/1280x480/1280x720/1920x1080/768x1024/800x1280/1080x1920/1920x720/600x600/
The resolution is only valid in hard-solution mode. Please confirm whether it is set to compatibility mode (compatible mode is 800xx480, automatic stretching)
Remove software reinstall (or clear APP cache) software to re-identify.
If not, please contact the sales staff to upload the log.
5, special car machine needs to provide physical debugging.

Twenty-nine, wireless Carplay connection principle

Bluetooth is used for authentication, WIFI is used for connection
Bluetooth is used for connection handshake. After the connection is successful, it will be disconnected actively by the mobile phone.
Mobile phone WIFI is not available when connected, including WIFI network connection, mobile phone hotspot
Thirty, easy to drop after connection

MTK and all parts of the car need to change the "rendering method" to other
According to the performance of the car, some cars need to set the operation mode to "fluent mode".
Thirty-one, disconnect wireless Carplay connection

Mobile: Control Center turns off WIFI and Bluetooth Reconnect: The phone re-opens WIFI and Bluetooth, automatically reconnects
Car end: long press the car "return button" Reconnect: Click the Bluetooth icon on the main interface of the software to re-establish the connection
At the end of the car, the suspension ball disconnects the icon.
Thirty-two, custom modification icon

Prepare a 180*180 PNG image
Select + icon in OEM icon
Note: After setting the icon in this way, the icon will be written in the box firmware.

Thirty-three, environmental testing

Used for basic operation environment detection, respectively detect USB, microphone, decoding, detect USB, please prepare a U disk for detection
Note: Decoding detection is valid for Android 5.0

Thirty-four, microphone options

The default is the car microphone (call the microphone of the Android car)
The box microphone is a built-in part of the microphone, and the box microphone is set when the car microphone cannot be used.
Note: The above settings require the built-in microphone version to be valid.

Thirty-five, insert product pop-up USB box

Turn on automatic startup of the software
Some original car machines can not be removed
Thirty-six, background control

The button is controlled when the software is running in the background. The default is on.
Thirty-seven, wireless Carplay always shows that it is connecting

1. WIFI manual connection device WIFI in mobile phone