Carlinkit 3.0 MINI Wireless CarPlay Box Bluetooth Auto for Original car wired to wireless CarPlay Support 98% of Car models


$81.99 USD

$155.00 USD


【PACK LIGHT, DRIVE FREE】- At less than 30g, it weighs about as much as an flash drive and fits in the palm of your hand compact and convenient, this small adapter is your ideal travel companion, Convenienting your favorite journey
【DRIVE LIKE a PRO】- Auto connect,From the Cumbersome to the convenient, enjoy your unique moments easily and creatively with intelligent mode
【NOTE!】- YOUR CAR MUST HAVE FACTORY WIRED CARPLAY. NOT FOR ANDROID AUTO. Please message us if you do not see your car model listed in the pictures. Supports new ios 14 and older iPhone all the way to 10.(How long does it take for the Carlinkit unit to connect? It depends on your phone and car, but it usually takes 7-14 seconds.)
【MAIN FUNCTION】- Enjoy automatic and wireless connection to CarPlay without needing a USB-cable. Check out this easy way to retrofit your existing CarPlay system to make it wireless. Wireless CarPlay makes it easy to play music, get navigation, or use Siri wire-free!Support Voice Control, Siri, GPS Navigation App(real-time navigation), Online Music App, Phone Call, iTunes, Music app, messages
【AFTER-Sales Service】- Carlinkit 3.0 Wireless Adapter has a one-year global warranty and permanent technical service support. After-sales service: Please feel free to contact Carlinkit Brand store seller support.
【Product function】: Convert the car Factory wired CarPlay to Wireless CarPlay Phone
【Support】: IPhone, to achieve wireless car CarPlay
【Support car models】: The car has built-in Factory CarPlay.
【New Product】: Carlinkit 3.0 CarPlay Wireless Activator (New Version-Mini)
【Easy to use】: No need to disassemble the car, just plug it in and play immediately.
【Operation】: The unit supports the original car steering wheel buttons, knob operation and voice operation. (Operation is the same as your original car)
New Product Release: Carlinkit New Mini Wireless Adapter is a revolutionary product, suitable for the original car built-in wired CarPlay to wireless CarPlay. The product is smaller, convenient to carry, and suitable for more Car Models. The setting of the heat dissipation hole allows the product chip to accelerate the heat dissipation, which is more durable and stable.