After-sale policy

                 After-sales policy

Carlinkit provides you with 7 days return, 15 days renewal, 1 year warranty, lifetime warranty service commitment
First Warranty definition

The warranty is to repair or replace the faulty product and upgrade the software to ensure the functional integrity of the product.
Warranty is a limited liability for repairing defective products or replacing defective products, and the duration and content of the service are limited.
Product warranty for customer equipment under warranty and warranty is free.
Second, the current standard warranty content

Second Warranty and warranty extension terms include:
1. Hardware: If the product is used under the conditions specified in the manual and the other influencing factors are discharged, the fault caused by the product due to its own defects or abnormalities, the host (including the module), the warranty time is one year.

2. Software: Our company guarantees that the software complies with the publicly released software functional standards; the software functions are subject to the product sales standard, and it is not excluded that the newly added product features are charged for renewal.

3. Warranty extension clause:

(1) Free upgrade software for customers to upgrade themselves;

(2) Free upgrade software for 1 year application software;

(3) Promising warranty delivery method for customers to send repairs or repairs, fast processing within 15 days;

(4)accessories: product accessories, information, but not limited to the connection line, power cord, manual, etc. are not covered by the warranty.

Third, the warranty disclaimer

1. Warranty is a limited liability of the product;

2. There are two types of over-warranty: over-warranty and non-warranty.

1) Over-warranty period means that the warranty period of the product expires and the free warranty service automatically expires.

2) Non-warranty scope means that the equipment's free warranty service will automatically become invalid due to misconduct or fault in use.

3. The following conditions are non-warranty:

1) The user is responsible for providing valid warranty certificate, and will not be guaranteed if the valid warranty certificate cannot be presented or the product barcode is damaged;

2) In the case of no warranty certificate, when the product shipment time is used as the warranty start time, the warranty time promised by the warranty organization not designated by our company is invalid;

3) If the product information recorded in the warranty certificate does not match or there is a false record, the product is not guaranteed;

4) Failure caused by disassembly, repair or modification of the product without the authorization of our company;

5) Failure caused by improper transportation, loading, unloading, use, maintenance, storage, etc. by the purchaser. Such as: lightning strikes, overpressure and overcurrent, water intake, etc.;

6) Failure due to irresistibility;

7) If the product is discontinued, warranty and service support is limited to 3 years after the announcement of the discontinuation.


Fourth, the definition of the warranty period

Valid warranty certificate:

Including: 1, product warranty card 2, valid purchase invoice 3, product barcode 4, legal purchase and sale contract / packaging.

(1) The product warranty card must include: dealer name, product name, model number, product number, date of purchase;

(2) Effective purchase invoice: official commercial sales invoice with tax receipt;

(3) Product barcode: clear and complete, no trace of modification;

Warranty calculation:

1. The beginning of the warranty period means:

(1) Indicate the purchase date on the warranty card containing valid information at the time of purchase;

(2) Verifiable purchase invoice date;

(3) The above valid warranty certificate cannot be provided, and the product warranty time shall be provided within 15 months after the delivery time queried by the product barcode system;

(4) The warranty period specified in the legal sales contract.

2. After the product is repaired or replaced, the quality is guaranteed for three months; if the original warranty period exceeds three months, the original warranty period shall prevail.

3. In addition to the product barcode calculation warranty method, when multiple warranty documents are valid at the same time, the warranty will be based on the certificate that is most beneficial to the customer.

Five, unpackaged (death on arrival) Unpacking failure: The maintenance of the device is not activated, the appearance is not damaged, the first boot cannot work normally or the failure occurs within 30 days after the boot, it can be replaced.

Six, other If your product meets the requirements for warranty repair, you can provide repair services for a fee.