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Wireless apple CarPlay adapter U2W

Will U2W 3.0 wireless CarPlay adapter works with my car ?

Only when your car has OEM factory wired CarPlay,it will work with your car, through it,You can convert wired CarPlay to wireless.

How do I know whether my car has OEM factory CarPlay?

1.Plug your iphone to the car via USB data cable directly,To check if CarPlay comes out on your car screen.

2.Find Apple CarPlay icon on your car screen menu.

3.Check it on apple CarPlay official car compatibility list, Click here

How to use wireless apple CarPlay adapter ?

1.Plug the adapter to your car USB port

2.Using iphone conect to WIFI and bluetooth of the adapter.

Note: CarPlay transfers the data via WiFi, not Bluetooth. BT is only used for the handshake to let the CarPlay enabled device know that it’s present, 
it then switches to WiFi for all data transfer. 

How to update system of the adapter ?

Connect to wifi of the adapter, and use phone browser to enter settings page,then check for updating

Android 9.0 System AI BOX   

What car model can be used?

1.The original car radio comes with wired carplay

2.Confirm whether the radio has a touch screen

Can I watch the video?

Built-in YouTube and Netflix software


How to use the product? Do I need to insert a SIM card?

1.You can directly insert the SIM card to receive the signal

2.Also you could connect to the mobile hotspot to receive the signal



Do I need to download an APP to use?

1.Connect via USB port or Type-C port

2.No need to install, plug and connect


Which network format does the product support? 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G?

Support 4G network and backward compatibility


Is wireless android auto available?

Please make sure that your Android phone supports wireless Android Auto, not all Android phones support wireless Android Auto


What kind of SIM type is supported?

Support Nano card


USB carplay dongle for aftermarket Android head unit

How to know if my radio will works with USB carplay dongle ?

1.Your Android system car stereo radio have to support install the thrid-party app

2.Android 4.4 or higher version system built in your car radio

Where can I download the latest version Carlinkit AutoKit apk ?

1.Download app from the link:

2.Scan QR bar of the goods package.


How to install AutoKit app on my aftermarket Android radio?

1.Using car browser, enter the download link, and install APK

2.Using computer browser to download the APK,copy it to a USB flash drive and install it to the car

How to use CarPlay and Android Auto on Android car stereo and Android Tablet?

1.After installed AutoKit APK,plug the dongle to your car USB port

2.For Wired version.Connect your phone to USB carplay dongle via USB data cable directly

2.For Wireless version.Using iphone conect to WIFI and bluetooth of the adapter.

Note: CarPlay transfers the data via WiFi, not Bluetooth. BT is only used for the handshake to let the CarPlay enabled device know that it’s present, it then switches to WiFi for all data transfer. 

How to update AutoKit apk and firmware of the device?

Click the setting icon of upper left corner,go to software setting page,check for updating