2022 CarlinKit CPC200-A2A Android Auto Wireless Adapter Plug And Play Bluetooth WiFi Auto Connect For Wired Android Auto Cars


$83.85 USD

$199.99 USD


2022 New Release(A2A) ----Wireless Car Adapter for Android Auto
Connects easily as soon as you turn on the car without having to plug any cables into your smartphone and you can use your Android Auto wirelessly. It can sync your phone's app to the car display, such as Spotify, Waze, Whatsapp, Music Product Feature
1.Plug and play, non-inductive connection, say goodbye to wired constraints
2.Automatic Connection,After the first connection and using this Android Auto, it can be automatically connected to your phone when starting the car next time.
3.Low power consumption design ensures that the product can run stably in different environments.
4.Adopt authentication and 5.0~5.8Ghz data transmission , data transmission speed faster and low latency
5.Support OTA upgrade, online feedback, solve problems quickly
6.Compatible with the original car microphone, continue the original car sound quality,Retain the original car operation,such as touch screen ,steering wheel control and knob control etc.